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International Guests

Inspired EC is delighted to bring a range of professionals to Australia each year, to share their passion and knowledge with early childhood educators and families. Information on speakers is available below. If you wish to book a bespoke event or to offer your service as a host venue for an event with any of the listed speakers, please contact our events co-ordinator, Keilla (training@inspiredec.com)

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Tom 'Teacher Tom' Hobson

Tom “Teacher Tom” Hobson is a preschool teacher, writer, speaker, artist, and author. He is best known, however, for his namesake blog “Teacher Tom’s Blog” where he has posted daily for over 4 years, chroni-cling the life and times of his little preschool in the rain soaked Pacific Northwest corner of the US. For the past 12 years Teacher Tom has been the sole employee of the Woodland Park Cooperative preschools, a collection of 4 separate parent-owned and operated schools housed under a single roof, knit together by Teacher Tom’s democratic, progressive play-based pedagogy. The children come to the school as 2-year-olds in diapers and leave as “sophisticated” 6-year-olds ready for the larger world. Teacher Tom came into teaching through the backdoor, so to speak, having enrolled his own child in a cooperative preschool, where he began working daily in his daughter’s classroom as an assistant teacher under the tutelage of both veteran teachers, although he’ll be the first to tell you that most of what he learned came from the children themselves. When it was time for his daughter to move on, he “stayed behind,” where he plans to remain for the rest of his life.

Exciting News!

Teacher Tom is returning to Australia in June 2019. Visit our ``Inspired EC Events - Ticket Booking`` page for details of all public events.

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Do you want to book one of our international guests for your organisation?? Need to know more about an upcoming event?? Have a suggestion for an international guest you would like us to bring to Australia?? We would love to hear from you!

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