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Location: Canberra, ACT


Tabitha is an Early Childhood Educator that runs ‘Tabitha’s Creative Care’ in Canberra


Tabitha is a very creative person, has a Bachelor Degree in Photography as well as being a practicing artist. The
children at Tabitha’s Creative Care experience messy, natural and artistic play each and every day. They engage with their local community weekly at playgroups as well as visiting galleries to inspire us in our art studio and other exhibits like Question and
natural parks.

Children explore all of their senses in the large nature based outdoor yard, where loose parts and open-ended
resources are a big part of the play each day. Children practice their artistic skills in the outdoor art studio, cook and clean in the mud kitchens, make music at the music wall and have a go balancing on the loose parts balance beams.
The inside environment is bright, colourful and nurturing. Children’s recent artworks and family photographs are proudly on display. Children can read a books inside the teepee, engage with provocations, choose a basket off the shelf to play with and dance or do some yoga!

Tabitha believes in creating a learning environment where children are free to explore, create and build upon their
natural strengths and abilities.




Location – Orange, NSW


Hi! My name is Jessica O’Gradey and I live in Orange NSW with my husband Aaron, our son
Oliver and our daughter Charlotte. Aaron and I have been together since I was 14 and finally married in 2015!!. Aaron and I moved from the Blue Mountains in 2011 to accomplish our dream of raising our family in a rural setting and country life.

I am a cheerful and friendly person who has a lot of patience, energy and flexibility, compassion along with having a loving and nurturing nature. I love to be around children and being a part of children developing and growing as individuals.

Family and close friends are a big part of our life. Aaron and I have always dreamt of a big family as well as providing foster care.Another big part of my life is animals and the environment, my pets are my other ‘children’ and I couldn’t live without them in my life. We have a dog, 3 cats, a snake, tropical fish and guinea pigs. Children are encouraged to participate in caring for the animals such as feeding their food scraps to the guinea pigs.

Family Day Care in my eyes is all about allowing children to learn and develop in their own pace.  I focus on each child’s individual interests and needs and create play environments just for them. We love being a part of the community, so we frequently go to the parks, playgroups and special activities around our local area.




Location – Coffs
Harbour, NSW


​At Kim Allan’s FDC the children have access to beautiful locations in our natural surrounds, Kim has an array
of natural and handmade resources and a wealth of experience as a Family Day Care Educator. She engages with other like minded educators and as such, the children have opportunities to interact in large groups as well as close intimate groups.




Location – Coffs Harbour, NSW


Debbie offers experiences using natural resources and provides opportunities for children to learn
through the exploration of the natural world. The children also have lots of fun with music, dance, singing and imaginative

At Debbie’s place the focus is on learning, developing values and life skills in a fun environment.
Debbie also values networking with other educators to share ideas and embrace new ones. This is one of the reasons Debbie joined Inspired
Family Day Care.




Location – Bunya, QLD​


Bush Kindy Adventures is an opportunity for children to learn, explore and wonder about the natural world.​ I was passionate about setting up this service so that children could benefit from a small group setting that meets their individual learning needs within a beautiful natural environment that provokes interest, thought and discovery.

As an early childhood teacher with over 20 years experience in a variety of educational settings, my work has always been a vocation and dedication. When living and working in the UK I trained as a forest school leader and set up a forest school linked to a kindy. This is where my love for outdoor learning began as I watched children thrive in such an environment. The quietist of children were able to climb trees and take on the personal challenge. The loudest of children having the space and freedom that their bodies desired.
Our home offers the children attending Bush Kindy Adventures a separate and professional indoor space, large amounts of outdoor space including gardens, veggie gardens, spaces for the animals and of course the bush on our doorstep. We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful place and be able to share this with the children that attend Bush Kindy Adventures.

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