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7 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate with Inspired EC on Your Outdoor Environment

Are you wanting to upgrade or create your outdoor environment? Are you looking for an approach that is child focused and collaborative? We can help! 1. At Inspired EC we have extensive experience working with children in a variety of outdoor settings so we know the challenges you face when looking at developing your outdoor space. 2. We are passionate about natural play spaces for children, this passion is supported by research and experience in the benefits of these environments for children and how it can impact a child’s overall development, behaviour and learning. 3. We believe that developing a play space is a collaborative process, everyone involved needs to be consulted with and involved in the journey (especially children and educators). 4. We can work with any budget, and will help you to get the most value from the funds that are so hard to come by. 5.We also have experience with working with various management structures so we understand the processes involved. 6. We are familiar with the frameworks, legislation and expectations of both Early Childhood and School Age education settings. We can also support management through policy and procedure development to ensure the spaces we develop are underpinned correctly. 7. We can also support you and your team to be able to utilise outdoor spaces to their full potential. Outdoor environments are our passion, we know the benefits they can bring to your service and we look forward to working with you.

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“Inspired EC took a regular outdoor space and made it something truly amazing. Through consultation with our children, families and educators, we were able to design a space which was truly authentic to the needs of the children within our community, using natural and upcycled materials. This space influences and reflects the core values of our service philosophy and shapes the way educators interact with our children, families and each other. Our outdoor environment mirrors our indoor, as an exciting place to learn with areas created to enhance and promote learning. The Inspired EC family, particularly Tash, Neil and Daniel have become a huge part of our service during their time with us, and we continue to work with them in many aspects as they became part of the service itself. Our relationship is built on learning, knowledge, understanding, and the improvement of Early Childhood Education for our future; the children.” – Steve Watts, Centre Manager – Maryland Kindy Patch