At the Beach with Lizzie and Luke


The first book of it’s kind!
Former champion Surf Life Saver Boyd Conrick has created a delightful illustrated children’s book that educates youngsters on how to stay safe at the beach by swimming between the red and yellow flags erected by Surf Life Savers.
According to figures from Surf Life Saving Australia’s National Coastal Safety Report 2015, 102 people died as the result of drowning and 56% of these deaths took place at a beach.
Boyd Conrick wants to educate children about safety along our coastlines so they will be safe at the beach during their youth and into their adult lives.
Suitable for children aged 3-8 years, At the Beach with Lizzie and Luke engages children in the fun of being at the beach but also has a serious message about staying safe, as a child almost drowns because he didn’t swim between the flags. Lizzie and Luke race to his rescue and once he is safely on dry land they put a brace around his sore neck. Once he has recovered he realises how important it is to be safe at the beach, and that means swimming between the red and yellow flags.
Boyd has been a well-respected member of the Surf Life Saving community for more than 20 years, has performed numerous rescues and has spoken at many schools about water safety. He is a former champion Surf Life Saver as well as being a champion triathlete, and is generally a very well known and respected local identity.
Rescue story: Boyd rescued three young men in their early 20s one Saturday afternoon. The fit young men got into trouble after driving up from Western Sydney for a late afternoon swim. Boyd and a colleague went out to help after the men swam outside the flags and got washed off a sandbank into a rip near the Southern end of the beach, off Catho Pier. The surf was dangerous, with 2 metre waves. One of the men was swept a long way out, and the rescue board Boyd took out to help was lost after a huge wave hit them. The man was losing energy and grabbing for Boyd’s neck but they managed to clip him into a rescue tube. If these men had been better educated they may never have got themselves into trouble.
At the Beach with Lizzie and Luke is officially endorsed by Surf Life Saving Australia.
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 210 × 3 × 210 mm

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