Educational Leaders E-Course Extension


The Educational Leadership E-Course Extension is designed for educational leaders who have previously completed our “Inspiring Educational Leaders – 4 Week E-Course”

Join us as we delve even deeper into the role of educational leader. You will be invited to join a private Facebook group ( There will be alternatives for those not on FB) just for the course . You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss content, share challenges and engage in live sessions. This is a great way to extend on the learning in our 4 week E-Course and to build your skills, confidence and connections as the Educational Leader.

The E-course will commence on Wednesday 8th May 2019… which means you need to get registered! Registrations close on Friday 3rd May 2019

When you register and make payment, a confirmation screen will pop up and on this screen you will receive a digital download PDF. You need to open this up and click on the link to enter your name and email address in the E-Course list. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! 

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