Effective Supervision E-Course


This low-cost, 4 week E-course is all about Effective Supervision

Recently we launched a new training session topic – Effective Supervision – and the response has been overwhelming. It would seem that many educators and services want the opportunity to look closely at their supervision practices and how these impact on children and the flow of the day. We decided to offer this e-course as a taster for the full training session, designed to encourage educators to reflect on the importance of supervision and discuss challenges within their teams. 

Week 1 – What is required, in relation to supervision?
Week 2 – What does effective or ineffective supervision look like?
Week 3 – What challenges are faced by educators and services in relation to supervision?
Week 4 – The importance of involvement and interaction

Each week you will receive an email with stories, practical tips, images, examples, theories, information, links, readings or videos. There will be questions for reflection and opportunities for feedback and input. The idea is that you will have time to do the e-course in your own time and take from it what you need. 

The E-course will commence on Tuesday 26th March 2019… with registrations closing on 21st March 2019

When you register, you will receive a digital download PDF. You need to open this up and click on the link to enter your name and email address in the E-Course list. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! If you do not follow this step before 21st March you will not receive your first email. 

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