Excursions Made Easy E-Course


This low-cost, 4 week E-course is all about Excursions Made Easy!

Getting out into the community has so many benefits, yet for many educators and services, it can feel like an overwhelming task, a mountain to challenging to climb! When Tash and Nic were first working together, they made the big step of venturing out into the local bushland and community. It wasn’t “easy” at first, but with the right knowledge and some simple strategies – it certainly became easier to get out there! Join us as we share from our experience and empower educators to go beyond the gate. 

Week 1 – Why are excursions a valuable part of the program and how do we ensure that they are meaningful?
Week 2 – Getting prepared – the ins and outs of planning and preparing (ensuring that you are meeting regulatory requirements and setting yourself up for a positive experience!)
Week 3 – Just do it! How do we ensure that this excursion runs smoothly and is a valuable experience?
Week 4 – Reflection – So we went out the gate… what now? 

Each week you will receive an email with stories, practical tips, images, examples, theories, information, links, readings or videos. There will be questions for reflection and opportunities for feedback and input. The idea is that you will have time to do the e-course in your own time and take from it what you need. 

The E-course will commence on Tuesday 7th May 2019… with registrations closing on 2nd May 2019

Upon completion of your payment , a new page will pop up. On this page will be a link to a PDF. You need to open this up and click on the link to enter your name and email address in the E-Course list. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! If you do not follow this step before 2nd May, you will not receive the emails!

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