Inspiring Educational Leaders – 4 Week E-Course


This low-cost, 4 week E-course is all about Inspiring Educational Leaders and is designed for those working in the educational leader role in their early education and care settings. 

Week 1 – Getting Started – Clarifying your role, organisational strategies, regulatory requirements
Week 2 – Meaningful mentoring – understanding the support that each individual needs and how to tailor your approach
Week 3 – Documenting your journey
Week 4 – Mentoring the mentor – strategies to evolve your practice and maintain wellbeing as the educational leader

Each week you will receive an email with stories, practical tips, images, examples, theories, information, links, readings or videos. There will be questions for reflection and opportunities for feedback and input. The idea is that you will have time to do the e-course in your own time and take from it what you need. 

The E-course will commence on Tuesday 19th March 2019… which means you need to get registered! Registrations close on Thursday 14th March 2019

When you register, you will receive a digital download PDF. You need to open this up and click on the link to enter your name and email address in the E-Course list. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! 

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