Mindful Mumma Prompts


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Most of us knows first-hand the daily juggle a busy mum faces, and how easy it is to put ourselves at the end of the priority list. We tend to focus on meeting the physical and emotional needs of our family, leaving us last, or in some cases, completely left out. This isn’t good enough, especially if we want to create a fulfilling and joyful family life. 

Practising mindfulness is one way you can give back, not only to your family, but ultimately to yourself. Being mindful means that you are aware and present; your mind (and heart) is filled with gratitude and positivity; and you have greater control over your emotions and how you manage them during stressful times. 

Mindfulness is not as complicated as it may sound. It’s making small conscious moments each day to be mindful. These beautiful Mindful Mumma Prompts have been designed to help you achieve more mindful moments during your day. 

There are 24 activities included in this pack. Pick one out randomly each day or in times of need, and notice over time, how more aware and present you become. 

Written and designed by Amie Hankinson. Published in 2018. 

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