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Nature Exploration Journal


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This journal is designed for educators in various early childhood and school aged settings. Many educators tell us that they feel like people (parents, management, regulatory authority) do not understand the what and why of taking groups of children into nature. This journal enables educators to document the learning, experiences and opportunities that arise as a result of nature exploration.

We encourage you to record the children’s thoughts, ideas and understandings and to keep a log of wildlife encounters and plants found in the environment on the “Plant Log” and “Wildlife Log” provided.

We have included a double page for reflections and discussions and also for adding in photographs, drawings or other elements that support the documentation of your nature play journey.

The journal is not designed to be used every day or every time you venture into wild nature. It is not designed to replace your existing program or documentation. It is simply a journal that can be taken with you into wild nature, can be shared with others and revisited by children and educators… enjoy!

The journal comes with a gloss cover, card back and ring bound. GST is included and shipping is calculated during checkout

Weight 400 g

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